The Design in a Luxury Hotel of Rome

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A few months ago the Studio participated at a contest for the restoration and the design of one of the most important roman luxury hotels.
This experience has represented a great moment of growth which I would like to share with you even though our proposal was not selected.
Among the images that follow a few render and the material board of the two chromatic solutions proposed, belonging to the Decò period.


The creative process was exciting and considered:
- The recognition, the restoration and the enhancement of the historical character of the building.
- The integration of the preexisting neighborhood and of the surrounding landscape.
- The improvement of the "character" and the design of the spaces.
- The definition of the materials, of the colors and of the textures.




Ancient Rome and the beginning of the 20th century are proposed in a new form by using marble, made warmer by combining velvet upholsteries, wooden libraries and boiseries.
My design approach always investigates the Genius Loci and tries to restore the architectural elements typical of the place.

One of the examples I'm most proud of is the Capri Palace Hotel, below the link for a quick look.


Link to the Capri Palace Hotel project




Brass bonds to the ocher hues of the fabrics illuminating the contemporary environments.

To develop a project that considers the entire structure of a building involves the knowledge of every detail.

When I study in this way a historical building, it emerges in me the awareness of the design and its future image.

An image that does not detach from the past but as always reaches out to the future.




The National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, G.N.A.M., is one of the references that have accompanied and supported me during the conceptual stage.

A few days ago I was walking its majestic staircase.
The interiors have been renovated, the white in the main room predominates the walls while the antique parquet gently imposes itself.

A few furnishings, solitary and sophisticated. Exciting is to rediscover the forgotten and beautiful tree-lined courtyard.


Link to the National Gallery website


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Author: Fabrizia Frezza