Avant-garde palette; Gold, Green and Black

November 24, 2016 No Comments

This color and suggestion palette belongs to our last published project and enhances the relationship between precious materials and the intense nuances of the gold, green and black.


Contrasts and reflections seek the shapes of Art Decò by reinterpreting them through a contemporary sobriety. I imagine a bouquet of textures, wefts and audacious combinations.
The concept behind these choices has a local, ecological and historical matrix.


The green comes from the imposing of our forests and from the majesty of the ancient Roman noble gardens, gold from the gloss of brass of the decorative art, black from the hardness of marble. These shades represent the most sophisticated places of Rome.






The historic villas, the dark marble floorings and the pure white monuments and statues are held together by alloys and shiny fabrics.



Architecture takes possession of all the cultural avant-garde. Music, Art, Fashion, Ecology, Design are linked together by tenacious roots of our history.


I want to describe the landscape of my city and I want to express it clearly and in an elegant way.


These matrices are a "passepartout" that could belong to any place, any home, hotel, museum, jewelery, Roman outfit; as they hold the value of tradition and of Italian craftsmanship, representing the tension towards the research of a new language capable of describing the actuality.


Gold, green and black; Sophisticated and universal key.





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Author: Fabrizia Frezza